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The Graduate School Diversity Office is committed to providing financial resources and support for underrepresented graduate students. There are a variety of support options available through outside agencies, including private foundations, academic associations, nonprofits, and state and federal offices. These resources can provide critical funding, mentorship, and other support that can help underrepresented graduate students thrive.

These resources are available for a range of purposes, from one-time awards to multi-year support for living expenses, educational fees, conference travel, and research. This flexibility can help ensure that students can access the support they need at every stage of their academic journey, whether they're just starting out as beginning graduate students or are already advanced in their studies.

External Fellowships

In addition to the financial support, receipt of external funding exemplifies excellence in research, teaching, service, and/or scholarship. We encourage you to apply to those opportunities in which you are eligible.

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Last Updated: 2/5/24